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ITSA  Growth #5

LAUNCHING Oct. 24th 2023

When growing a company in an extremely competitive industry, like the energy storage market, we have no time to loose. Therefore it was no doubt for Beyonder to attend ITSA Growth after we were introduced to the topics and the experienced partners in the program. We needed an arena where we could test and experiment “off the record” our business concepts without having fear to fail and at the same time build relationship to potential new business partners. ITSA Growth is highly recommended by the Beyonder management team for all companies that aim for this opportunity.

- Bjarte Magnussen, Beyonder

ITSA Connect Growth is our four month training program for dedicated early stage growth companies. The program is designed to give early growth companies the business development tools, network, investor leads and skills to fundraise and develop for growth & international markeds. We invest risk capital in growth companies.

ITSA Connect Growth is developed and facilitated by Validé in collaboration

with our partners.

About the program

The ITSA Growth Program is developed and facilitated by Validé in collaboration with our amazing partners Validé is ranked as one of Norway’s best incubators. We have 20+ years of experience in developing and investing high risk capital in new companies. We are early phase specialists and have a current portfolio of around 70 companies. ROI on our ten best exits is 14. Validé has successfully run ten previous accelerator programs.

We focus on:





   Program Dates


  • 24 & 25 Oct 2023

  • 07 & 08 Nov 2023

  • 21 & 22 Nov 2023

  • 12 & 13 Dec 2023

  • 09 & 10 Jan 2024

  • 23 & 24 Jan 2024

  • 13 Feb 2024

Program Fee


28 000,- NOK pr. company. The ITSA program is supported by the public partners Rogaland County Council, City of Stavanger and SIVA.

Who can apply?

  • Early growth companies with a service/product launching in the marked and/or companies looking to grow their marked internationally

  • Dedicated Team of 3+

  • Companies that is fundraising for growth within the next 6 - 18 months

  • Companies established in Norway

  • Companies within the area of Health, Energy or Digitalization

  • Companies implementing at a minimum three of the UN Sustainability challenges at their core business


What´s your impact?

We support the UN Sustainability Goals and expect growth companies to do the same. Companies in the program should be able to define at least three sustainability goals that is supported by the companies strategy. ITSA Connect Growth presents a two day Sustainabillity & Business module with a deeper focus on developing sustainable business models at the core of business.


Program content
7 modules - 2 days each module

  • Know yourself: Company Culture, org. development, recruiting for growth

  • ESG – Sustainability & Business: Green Investor, EU Taxonomy, ESG Business Model, Green Growth

  • Capital for Growth & Internationalization: The Capital Environment, DD, Investor Decks

  • Global Growth & Partner Targeted sales: Customer value and business model, product/market fit for scaling and internationalization, barrier mapping/Stakeholders

  • Strategy for Global Growth: IPR, exports and scaleup, national and international infrastructure and innovation partners for exports

  • Strategy for Global Growth: The investor universe: Who invests when? Capital raising based on phase.

  • Sale & Negotiation

Public and private funders, Partner network & contributors - a selection

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“ITSA Growth har spart oss for mye tid og gitt oss en mye større tro på Pickr.AI sin fremtid! Her fikk vi innsikt og lærdom gjennom deres brede og imponerende nettverk samt blitt pushet til å hele tiden utfordre våre overbevisninger. Tøffe og lærerike samlinger men det er hjemmeleksen til neste samling som virkelig har hevd Pickr.AI sin mulighet til suksess. Anbefales på det sterkeste til alle som vil vokse gjennom å akseptere at "alt kan bli bedre om en bare tillater seg å bevege seg utenfor komfortsonen”.

Roald Valen, CEO, Pickr.Ai

 Passion for Business

With our 20 years experience of developing and investing in early-stage companies, we know that people with passion succeed faster and better.

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