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bit YOGA

bitYoga AS provides “user centric, privacy enabled and data intensive” products and services. It idealizes research driven solutions based on cutting edge developments in areas of Blockchain, BigData and Artificial Intelligence. Digital data sharing (e.g. message, media) has become an integral part of daily life for many in the world. However, currently available solutions provide users with an illusion of control over their content. This creates many issues including but not limited to privacy, digital ownership, and the “right to be forgotten”. Our blockchain based decentralized- distributed solution implements a novel on-the-fly dynamic control framework on shared data. Users can control “who, how and when” their content is shared. The solution allows the user to trace, unshare, remove and limit shared content later in time. It ensures that the digital rights and sharing control power remain with the data creator. bitYoga offers a Privacy by Design Platform compliant with data protection regulations (GDPR, Datatilsynet, HIPPA, etc). The platform allows enterprises to create disruptive business models that meet the requirements of supervisory authorities. Such models facilitate the development of consumer and corporate solutions in the sectors of Smart Healthcare, Smart City and Smart Energy.

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