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ITSA focuses on three verticals:


Batch 5 is running from Nov. 15th 2018 to Feb. 15th 2019

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Program features

Early-stage Startups

We focus on providing opportunity and growth for early-stage startups. We believe impact early-on and a solid business case foundation is the only place to start. Whether you are still in the idea phase or selling some product, we can help define, mood, and pivot your startup into success.

Our Definition of Technology

Technology today is found everywhere and we don’t restrict its definition to just “technology”.    It’s found in apps, alarm clocks, your dish washer, and that blockchain platform you’re thinking about. It’s found in new rubber for autonomous vehicles, improved cameras on drones -and even in a unique business model for a restaurant. Essentially, if you are building something it has technology in it -so don’t be shy!

Hands-On Workshops Focused on Action

We believe strongly in teaching and hands-on guiding -so we do both. We bring in partners, ambassadors, and speakers to lay the foundational concepts -then we bring in facilitators to work directly with your business case. This gives you the full package : what to think about and what to do.

3 Month intensive program built to get your startup accelerated, tested in the market, and launched forward with investment.

Stage One

Startup Fundamentals

Milestone 1: Digital and Social Media Presence Established (name, landing web page, FB, Twitter, LI)

What’s your story? Who are you? What do you do? Why do you do it?
We dig in and fully understand your startup so you have a solid foundation for forward movement.

What problem are you solving? What’s your product or service?
Why will your solution work?
Who are your customers? Where is your market? How do you create value?
Build social media and web presence with hands-on guidance from our team

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MVP Development and Testing

Milestone 2: MVP tested and customer acquisition started. Sell your product. Engage investors.

What is your ideal MVP? How do you get feedback from potential customers?
Test MVP. Test customers. Test market. Get feedback. Pivot, tweak, and test some more.
Produce a customer and market analytics report

Stage Two

Stage Three

Pitch + Attract Investment

Milestone 3: 5 minute investor pitch

Prepare yourself for the next level with a 5 minute pitch on your startup. We will spend the final phase getting your message aligned into a compact presentation..

How do you pitch? What do you say? How do you approach potential partners and investors? How do you sell your product?
Meet and pitch to real investors, partners, and technology service-companies.
Produce one pager, 18 month cash flow analysis, capital needs

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