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Bring your dream to market. Now.

Bring your dream to market. Now.

A startup accelerator built on taking action.

our mission

Our mission is to give early-stage startups the tools, ecosystem support, and pitch confidence to boost business into a reality.

We can´t guarantee success, but we can guarantee a meaningful journey and the possibility to build a company for the future.

Our program is packed with lectures, workshops, and guest speakers to give your startup a strong foundation to grow from. Our hands-on approach to workshops means that we don’t only show you what you need to do, we do it with you. We have a strong team of mentors and ambassadors that will open up customer and investment leads for you.
We are powered by Validè. That means we have over 20 years of experience in growing new businesses, and we are experts in our area. Since January 2016 we have successfully completed 4 ITSA programs. Batch 5 started in November 2018.

Sean Paul Shanor

ITSA Fasillitator

M: 98 04 07 79


12 Week Program

Intensive business development sprint for your startup. Co-working space included. 5 programs under our belt. Over 40 alumni. Stay tuned for program information and upcoming dates.

Learn to pitch

Every startup has to pitch - to investors, to partners, to customers - and even your Mom. You need to be prepared for each. At ITSA, you will break through all barriers and have a 5 minute pitch you can use for any situation.

NOK 500,000 investment

For each ITSA program Validé will offer up to a total of 500 000 NOK in investment for one or more companies.

Free officespace

All startups gets free office space in the Validés incubator or in the coo-working space NEST during the 12 week program.

Mentors & Network

ITSA and Validé has a lage network with vital resources like industrial partners, business mentors, investors and serial entrepreneurs. We connect and share.

Innovation park Stavanger

ITSA is powered by Validé. Validé is located in the Innovationpark at campus Ullandhaug.


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" ITSA is an amazing program for young startups that is run with a lot of love and attention. Great examples, coaches, mentors, and lecturers drop in each week to teach the ITSA startups new important things to make their dreams a success."

Derek Göbel, CEO

In 2016 I set up my own company - felt courageous and signed up for "ITSA Launch & Pitch Day" for the purpose of winning NOK 500,000. So I, engineer Trond Rolfsvåg 53 years, ended up on the school bench to learn to "pitch". It was a very enjoyable journey because of my interesting co-founders and energetic trainers. People gave of themselves and we helped each other. Good atmosphere. I got supervisors from the top shelf. They opened various important doors for me. Investor Einar Bekkevold had steel belief in the Hydrophilic technology from the start and gave me help and pushed me forward. I never won the $ 500,000 - I wasn't even close. I won a lot more. Hydrophilic now has good support from the industry and I am my own boss for the first time in life. When I think back, I feel deep gratitude to the people who are Valide. Thank you!
Trond Rolfsvåg, CEO Hydrophilic

partners & Nertwork

premium partners

ITSA has a broad Network of community partners that give lectures & workshops, and share their knowlege, network & expertice with the ITSA companies.

- This is a few of them:



We care about passion

With our 20 years experience of developing and investing in early-stage companies, we know that people with passion succeed faster and better.